Smartphone Sales Stats 2013

There is no doubt that as the time is passing, the technology is progressing. But as you know, the term ‘technology’ has many factors, many parts in it. Out of all, the one that is progressing most is ‘Smartphones’. Just fold the pages of tech section of newspapers, read out the tech blogs — you will notice that there is hardly any day which went without seeing any new launch of smartphone. The current year, 2013, is so far the best year for the smartphone industry. The smartphones sales in this year so far, has been way too better than what it was in 2012, in the same time period. Maybe we are getting addicted to the trend of buying new smartphone after using previous one for short time? Anyway, you might be interested in knowing the smartphones sales statistics of 2013, are you? If yes, then continue reading ahead.

Smartphones sales 2013

Smartphones Sales Statistics 2013

You might know it already, but allow me to tell you that there are many research companies who do the hard work in gathering the sales figure of all smartphones. This work is done by experienced analysts. Gartner is one such website which has a huge team of experienced analysts. According to this website’s report, around 75 percent of total smartphones that were sold in the first quarter of 2013 were Android. As per Gartner’s report, first quarter of 2013 was golden period for both Android and Samsung, with the latter covering 30 percent of mobile sales. This roughly means that out of every 10 mobiles sold in Q1 2013, 3 were of Samsung. With 18 percent market share, Apple was on the second. After these two big names, the companies- LG, Huawei, ZTE- are going as best smartphone makers in 2013. The companies that have made the biggest growth as compared to their last quarter are Samsung and LG. It seems that people are loving smartphones developed by Samsung and LG. It’s not of any doubt, as the Galaxy series smartphones of Samsung, and Optimus series smartphones of LG, are doing wonder in the sales graph.

The tremendous growth in the smartphones sales by aforementioned companies, is direct proof that smartphone is becoming an essential part of life. In the first quarter of this year, a total of 156 million units were sold. This sales count is almost double than that of figure calculated in the same period of 2012. So, within one year, the demand of smartphones has doubled.

Second Quarter of 2013

The second quarter has just ended, and we are yet to be treated with smartphones sales statistics of it. Well, if we talk about the rankings, then one thing is sure that no.1 place will be of Samsung again. Come on, there is big margin between 30 percent share of Samsung, and 18 percent of Apple. Moreover, Samsung has been more impressive than Apple in this quarter, thanks to Samsung Galaxy S4. Not only the first two positions, but the lower ones are also most likely to go intact. Yeah, big difference between market share is the reason again.

Future Stats’ Prediction 

Samsung has got many bombs of wonders to drop in this year. So, it’s quite sure that Samsung will be king of smartphone industry for the future as well. Yeah, Apple will be second. There may be some shuffles in the lower positions. Let’s see what ticking time brings for us.

So, these are the stats of Smartphones sales in 2013 so far. We’ll update this post as we gather more data.


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