Samsung reports claims to have more sales than Apple in India

In the previous reports Samsung claims to have 50 percent more premium share in the Indian Smartphone Market, meanwhile Apple had slow sales start with the Apple Iphone 6S in India.


According to the reports by Economic times, Manu Sharma, director of the product marketing manager Samsung India said that the company has seen a huge rise in the sales after introducing Samsung edge and Note 5 series in the market. He said to the Economic times, “As per numbers provided by market research firm GfK, our market share in the Rs 30,000 and above category is 51 percent in value terms at the end of the September this year. This was about 36% till about a year ago.”

He continued and also mentioned that the company saw spike in the end of October and especially during the seasonal and festive time. Sharma told, “The festival season has shaped up well. We have seen a spurt in volumes.”

This report came out during the rise of many other reports predicting that Samsung will run out of business in the next 5 years. Analyst Ben Bajarin believes that the company is facing ‘The Innovator’s Dilemma’ a situation where a company rises by full filling the current needs of the customers and fail to adopt future possibilities and technologies that can satisfy the needs of the customers in the future. Ben Bajarin says “When you ship the same operating system as your competition you are only as good as their lowest price.”

There are chances in the near future that this report may turn around the way opposite with Apple having more sales. Any way for now Samsung is doing good in India.


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