Samsung Mobile Phone Sales 2013

The year 2013 is going on and I totally believe that it is working as boon for the smartphone makers. Smartphone has become necessary gadget. All thanks to Samsung for bringing budget and quality smartphones in the market and thus making every person capable of owning a smartphone. Hard work of folks over Samsung and unique idea has paid them off, and this company is progressing like a rocket. I bet that most of you reading this are proud owners of one or more Samsung devices.

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Anyways, two quarters of this year have passed. We have got the sales report of Samsung mobile phones of both quarters. If you are wondering if Samsung is making good progress or not, then you must keep reading this article ahead.

First Quarter 2013

You all will agree with the fact that current year is working as boon for Google’s Android. Not only Google, but the makers, especially Samsung has done hard work to make this mobile OS the best. As per the figures collected by Gartner, Google’s Android was the best mobile OS in the first quarter of 2013. It covered whopping 75 percent of mobile marketplace leaving every other mobile OS behind by big margin. Google must have said thanks to Samsung, as the smartphones made by this South Korean firm helped Google achieve that milestone. Out of all smartphones sold in the first quarter, 30 percent were Samsung tagged.

Samsung sold smartphones of worth $23.62 billion. This amount was $952 million more than what it was in the last quarter of 2012. In this figure, Samsung left Apple behind, which ticked at $22.95 billion mark. Although the Samsung shined everywhere at the top, but in terms of income ratio, it was behind of Apple. The ratio was 31% for Apple, and 21.8% for Samsung. A big difference indeed!

Second Quarter 2013

As expected, the Samsung topped the charts again. It was most likely to happen, as company’s much awaited Galaxy S4 hit the market in this quarter. Yeah, it helped company top the chart in terms of profit as well. As per the data of research company Strategy Analytics, the Samsung has finally left the Apple behind in terms of profit. Research Data says that Samsung’s operating profit in the second quarter 2013 was US$5.2 billion. The operating profit of iPhone in the same time was $4.6 billion. It is not any surprising fact, as the tech analysts and the market experts were expecting this behavior already. Galaxy S4’s launch was there in this quarter, while there was no iPhone launch. Although the Samsung topped the chart and left its biggest rival behind in every aspect, but company’s performance in the second quarter, as compared to its own in the first quarter, was not so impressive. In fact, as per the annual data from IDC, Samsung has lost market share in the last 12 months. Apple has lost the share too. It seems that companies like LG, Sony, Huawei etc. are working hard to make Samsung and Apple fall down in the chart. Let’s see what happens next.


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