Samsung Galaxy S4 Secret Codes

Samsung’s flagship smartphone of current year (so far), the ‘Samsung Galaxy S4‘ has been available in the market for past few weeks. Many of you might have purchased this esteemed smartphone already. And many might be thinking to do the same. Well, if any of these two cases fits on you, then this article is must read for you. In this article, I am sharing Samsung Galaxy S4 Secret Codes.

samsung galaxy s4 secret codes

If you have been a smartphone user from long, then you are most likely to be aware from the usefulness of secret codes. If not, then let me clear the air first- With the Samsung Galaxy S4 Secret Codes, you can access the internal functions of your S4. The internal functions are the hidden functions that one can access only by using the secret codes. By accessing the internal functions, you can test the various hardware parts of your Galaxy S4, and can find if they are working properly or not.

There are many cases in which any smartphone user wants to check if any particular hardware part of his/her smartphone is working properly or not. Going to the customer center each and every time is not a good idea at all. Come on, you are a smartphone owner, so be a smart user. Test the functionality of hardware parts of your smartphone on your own, by using secret codes meant for your smartphone. Not all hardware parts can be tested, but many. In this particular case, by using Samsung Galaxy S4 Secret Codes, you can test LCD, Camera, Vibration, Sensor (accelerometer sensor, magnetic sensor, and proximity sensor), Speaker, Touch Screen, Sub key etc.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Secret Codes

To check the functionality of aforementioned hardware functions, you should proceed in the following way.

  • First of all, open the keypad on your Samsung Galaxy S4.
  • Now all you need to do is to dial the secret code *#0*#.
  • After dialing the secret code, screen having title ‘LCD TEST’ will come up in no time.
  • This screen lists many options in it. Tapping any particular option will allow you to check if that hardware part is working properly or not. For example, if you tap the option ‘touch’, then you will be able to check if the ‘Touch’ of your S4 is working properly or not. Similarly, if you choose the option ‘Speaker’, then you will be able to check if speaker of your S4 is working properly or not.
  • While in the ‘LCD TEST’, if you want to go back, then just press the ‘right physical button’.

More Samsung Galaxy S4 Secret Codes are:

  • *#0011# is for Service Menu
  • *#0228# for advanced Battery Status (ADC, RSSI reading)
  • Check software version of your phone by dialing #1234#
  • You can check the hardware and software information of your Galaxy S4 by dialing *#12580*369#
  • Do Full Factory Reset by dialing *2767*3855#

Do apply these secret codes on your Galaxy S4 right away! If you know any other secret code that is not listed in this article, please let us know about that via the comment box.


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