Prourls vs vs A-FWD – Which is the best Amazon Link Localizer?

Which is the best Amazon Link Localizer?

Amazon affiliates is the best among the thousands of affiliate programs across the internet. With more than 10 years of E-commerce service Amazon started its journey with making the first $20,000 in the first week. Did not spend any time longer Amazon found the potential for increasing sales using affiliate program. In the time there was many other affiliate programs online but the brand name and trust Amazon raised paed off. Since then Amazon affiliates has been the best and most utilized source of raising income using affiliate marketing.

What is link localizing?

If you are a successful affiliate marketer you would know by now. Generally even if you have a targeted country platform where you sell your affiliate links, you might have noticed that the traffic you receive is not only from the targeted country but is also coming from other non targeted countries. So what happens to all those sales conversions you make on those countries? Usually if you are planning to sell your product in Canada you have to set up and affiliate account in similarly for all the local areas you need to to set up the local store amazon affiliate account. Just as you go through this you might have noticed the head ache. Complicating matters further, its affiliate program is not international, so you need to be subscribed for each store program separately. If you have an international website, you’d want to get sales comission worldwide. Link localizing tools are solution to this.

Here is the list of the top link localizing tools that can help you increase the number of conversion and also help you to increase your Amazon affiliate sales commissions.


Prourls is a simple online tool that does what it says. A simple online tool that generates the amazon affiliate link that redirects all the traffic to local amazon stores and gains full commission.



The tool requires you to signup and once signed up you need to give in your affiliate id. Now sit back and rest, all you have to do is place the product URL and track the links. You can see that all the clicks from other countries also brings you commissions. So far ProURL’s haven’t come up with a plugin for WordPress which we can expect very soon.


They are clear about their product, unlike Prourls and A-FWD links does not require any sign ups. In the other it requires you to sign up for a 10 other local amazon stores. It does what it says but it does not meet what people want. You need to place separate affiliate ID’s find out the product ASIN Ids, in short its completely manual and of no use. Works fine if you just need a global link.



Though all the products does the same thing in separate ways, when it comes to convenience and ease of use Prourls is the best choice. It is also cheap and free for regular affiliate marketers.

If you need a fully free tool that requires a lot of time go for A-FWD

Personally I think Prourls is the best choice because of its basic and simple dashboard. It does not overload you with unwanted information and takes less than a minute getting your global link generated.

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