Positive and Negative Effects of Facebook

In the present scenario, it is too hard to imagine a life without Facebook, founded thirteen years ago on 4th February 2004; an online social media and networking service provider and an American for-profit corporation. Mark Zuckerberg along with fellow Harvard College and roommates founded this and now has approximately 2 billion active users. On the one hand it helps you connect to our ancient long lost friends, and on the other hand, it lets the strangers peek into the privacy of our life.

Positive and Negative Effects of Facebook

Positive and Negative Effects of Facebook

Facebook can be accessed by a range of devices with Internet connectivity. After registering, users can create a profile and send friend requests, messages, post status, images, videos and links, use various software applications. Also, users may join common-interest user groups organized by hobbies, school, workplace or other topics, and categorize their friends into lists such as “Family” or “Close Friends”. Additionally, users can complain about or block unpleasant friends.

Positive Effects of Facebook

New friends: Facebook helps you make new friends and keep in touch. Some communities assist you in promoting your talent and give you more information on our interests. At times you also get ideas on how to get more with your hobbies, expertise talent and enthusiasm.

Awareness: Some websites use the Facebook platform to inform and spread everyday reporting in different parts of the world, this way making every user knowledgeable.

Connectivity: The best thing that Facebook offers openly is connectivity locating long lost friends again. It helps you stay in touch despite the distance and know what is going on in the life of others on Facebook, Their pictures, videos and statuses reveal the most recent happening in their life.

Expressive: Facebook gives you the freedom of expression. You can go on from flaunting your new dress to the lyrics of your favourite songs, special occasions and so on. It is said like Facebook is an anti-depressing agent for stressed minds.

Digital social service: Facebook has lowered the burden of cops, as users help in finding missing children or a culprit by sharing videos and photos.

Negative Effects of Facebook

Fake account: Since we are unable to see the people behind the profile, it gets easy to pretend and present yourself in a way that you are not. Recognizing a fake person from a real one is hard. The one you might find compassionate might be one dangerous stalker, and there is no way to know.

Addiction: Facebook could be very addictive if its usage is uncontrolled due to alternate checking the account for updates, thus getting distracted from the work and people at hand.

Exploitation of golden time: Teenage is usually a period to explore things and typically get quickly addicted to Facebook charms.This leads to isolation among youngsters, who feel comfortable and content with a virtual living in a digital world.

Cyber Bully: bullies are there in social media and communities as well. In fact, bullying on these sites is more comfortable. It’s easy for few people to corner anyone and bully them until they lose their confidence.

Cyber crimes: hunger of publicity and followers have influenced users to commit insane activities making an anonymous account or hack another account, and it’s hard to reach the culprit.

There are some best things that Facebook has brought into the society. But fact is that where there is good, there is a little evil as well. You can be reformed to a new personality either in good or bad deeds.

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