Malicious PokÈmon Go App is putting Android phones at risk

This article is about the threat of Malicious Pokemon Go for Android phones. A malicious version of the app, installing backdoors through its code, has put Android users vulnerable to security issues. Even though the app not been officially released in the UK, trainers all around the world are set into trouble.

Pokemon Go for PC

PokÈmon Go was initially released in apps stores in Australia and New Zealand on July 4 and two days later in the US.
The Nintendo mobile game, developed by Niantic, allows the players to catch Pokemon in augmented reality as they travel through real-world environments. Players can also add to the free game with in-play downloads extending from $0.99 to $79.99.
The app was found more satisfactory than Tinder and is of the same standard with Twitter regarding daily active users.

According to Silicon Valley-based company, software was modified to include “malicious remote access tool” called DroidJack.
The files for the game were available to download on any phone running Android 4.4 operating system. For installing the malicious version of the game, users should “side-load” the application, which disables the security setting. It is much risky practice according to the blog post by the security company. Still the worried people for installing the malicious version of the app were suggested to check app settings and permission granted.

Moreover the game started causing problems not only in software but also physically. Criminals took advantage of people playing the game.

Officials from the O’Fallon Police Department mentioned armed robbers have targeted people using the game.

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