Nokia Lumia 1520 Confirmed: Relase Date & Price

After the takeover of Nokia by Microsoft, everybody is eagerly waiting for the release of new smart phone Nokia Lumia 1520. Though there are several rumors about this phone, we are trying to give brief idea about Lumia 1520.

Regarding the physical appearance is considered, Lumia 1520 comes as square edged phone with sleek dimensions. The device will come in 4 color options i.e. black, red, white and yellow.

As far as battery life is concerned; Lumia 1520 is expected to have 3400 mAh battery which is considered as best so far. (Note 3 has 3200mAh battery and it lasted more than 10 hours in our moderately heavy usage test). Expecting better performance than most of the smart phones, the battery has to compensate the new features like live tiles, live pictures etc. and we expect that it will last more than 11 hours. Other hardware features include 20 megapixel camera with inbuilt apps and with several features to make your image and video capture experience more lively.

lumia 1520

Technology geeks are eagerly waiting for its release as it will be the largest windows phone till date. Coming in a 6 inch 1080p display, the phone is equipped with the snapdragon 800 processor, which is considered as the fastest mobile processor so far. Interestingly, Samsung ATIV S is the largest windows phone measuring 4.8 inch till now. Considering the specifications, this phone is far better than the phones available in the market and it has outlined several recent releases regarding the specifications and features are concerned. The device comes in 32GB option with an SD card slot which is capable of holding 64GB micro SD cards. Unlike other phones Microsoft is planning to launch Nokia Lumia 1520 with DDR3 RAM which is better than other available mobile RAMs and gives fast and optimum performance for its users.

Price & release date of Lumia 1520

The price of this phone will be less when compared with the other high end models out in the market. The price is considered to be around $700 without any contract. This phone is 100% price worthy with the features and hardware it possess. Even if Microsoft increases its price by 100$ than expected, the phone can be brought without any hesitation. With carrier contract options the phone will be available at much cheaper prices and one must consider and test it before going for other phones.

Though all these are rumors are not yet confirmed by Nokia or Microsoft, most of these rumors seems to be true. With its awesome specifications and less price, Microsoft is expecting that with the launch of this phone; people will adapt to Windows mobile OS and this mobile will increase its share to keep it along with their counterparts i.e. Google (android) and Apple (iOS). Nokia tweeted a major event on October 22nd and that day it may launch this device with caption Innovation Reinvented. We are also expecting Lumia 1520 launch in mid October 2013 and availability in markets from 8 November 2013. With its launch the windows mobiles are available in the phablet category also.

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