Nokia Lumia 1020 Cons And Problems

In the rapidly growing market of smartphones, Nokia is still playing its part. This company is hard to see in the news, as most of its smartphones don’t do good business. But, from past some time, Nokia has been a topic to talk on. The wreath for this goes to Lumia 1020, which was in the rumors from long time, and got announced recently. This smartphone is available in the US, and is soon going to hit the stores in UK. The best part of this Lumia device is its camera, which is whopping 41MP. Other hardware features are quite interesting, too.

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If you are a smart buyer, then you must be familiar with the fact that ‘right’ smartphone can be chosen by knowing about its cons along with pros. All of you are most likely to be already familiar with plus points of Lumia 1020, but what about its cons and problems? Do you have any idea about the cons of Nokia Lumia 1020? If not, then I would recommend you all to read out this article ahead. This article will surely make it easy to decide whether or not Nokia Lumia 1020 is good smartphone for you.

Lumia 1020 Problems

Nokia Lumia 1020 Cons and Problems

  • Almost every tech analyst who has reviewed this smartphone so far has pointed out the size factor as the biggest drawback. Yeah, the size of this smartphone is actually its drawback. The poor dimension structure of this smartphone makes it heavy and slippery. If you hate the bulky devices, then you will hate the Lumia 1020, too.
  • This smartphone is in the news because of its whopping 41MP Camera. But, does this high megapixel count ensure the best camera experience? NO! As per the multiple hands-on reviews, the Photography ecosystem of Lumia 1020 is weak. It may be the best camera in terms of quality of picture, but if we talk about the photography experience, then sorry, Nokia Lumia 1020 will make you upset. There is lack of camera apps. It is quite surprising that Nokia did not focus on the apps’ side, instead, put its all focus on the megapixel count.
  • Nokia Lumia 1020 is blessed with Dual-core 1.5 GHz Krait, but still, the processing speed is not that good as it should be. As per the multiple reviews, multiple apps on Lumia 1020 don’t run smoothly. If the speed of any particular smartphone is not good, then it can’t earn respect from customers, and therefore, can’t do well in the market.
  • There is no slot for memory card in Lumia 1020. Although the 32GB internal storage is quite good, but still, slot for memory card would have made the smartphone earn more good reviews.
  • The price of this Windows Phone OS based smartphone is very high. $299.99 is what AT&T is demanding for this device along with 2-year contract. In the UK, the smartphone will most likely cost £550.


Wondering if the above mentioned problems and cons of Lumia 1020 make it ‘not good choice’ for you? Well, the answer can be given by you only. If you can deal with these cons and problems, then go for Nokia Lumia 1020; otherwise, explore the smartphone market for alternate. Have you faced any problem in Nokia Lumia 1020? Post in the comments below.



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