LG Optimus G2 Rumored Specs & Leaked Photo

Update 22/7/13: LG posted a teaser video of G2 on YouTube today in which it tries to shows how G2 learns from Human emotions, when you cry, when you smile and when you dream. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of features this phone is going to offer. It’ll be revealed on 7th August in an event in New York. Meanwhile, check out the video below:

Update: Several leaked photos of LG Optimus G2 have been posted on Engadget along with a video from a YouTube user 4Leakz. You can check the photos and video below to get the idea what this phone looks like.

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Leaked video of LG Optimus G2

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If we check out the LG smartphones‘ sales stats of passed two quarters of current year, then we can have idea of increasing popularity of this South Korean company in the smartphone field. The smartphones launched by the company are doing well in the market. Last year, LG got the chance to taste huge success because of its smartphone ‘LG Optimus G’. It seems that LG is quite pleased from the overwhelming success of this smartphone, and that’s why, is working on its successor, the LG Optimus G2. The rumors about this smartphone have been rolling for quite some time. If you like to keep yourself entertained by reading the rumors about upcoming smartphones, then you are most likely to have a good knowledge of what could be there in LG Optimus G2. For those who could not read out the rumors, this article is nothing less than a boon.

lg optimus g2 teaser

Earlier rumors have it that LG Optimus G2 will come up with 5 inch screen. But, as per the report of Techblog.gr, this upcoming smartphone will have 5.2 inch IPS screen with 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. The pixel density will be 423ppi.

You might remember that last month, LG and Qualcomm shook the hands and announced their collaboration. As per that, the next G-series smartphones will be speedy. Talking about the LG Optimus G2, this smartphone will come up with Snapdragon 800 Chipset and Quad-Core Krait 400 Processor. This is not any rumor but confirmed words coming directly from LG. Of course, this processor and chipset will make LG Optimus G2 a very speedy device. So, smooth experience on LG Optimus G2 is assured.

Not only the processor, but the RAM in this upcoming smartphone will also be superb. If the latest rumors are to be believed, then LG Optimus G2 will come up with 3GB RAM in it.

The earlier rumors suggested that LG Optimus G2 will have the physical buttons at its back. Images leaked by Twitter user @leakchina, also suggest the same thing. In the leaked images, the front and back panel of LG Optimus G2 are showcased. Volume Rocker button at the back panel is what can be seen in these leaked images.

lg optimus g2 leaked image

Leaked images of LG Optimus G2

We have got treated with many rumors about the camera of LG Optimus G2. As per the latest rumors, this smartphone could come up with 13-megapixel rear camera. Rumors also claim that this camera will have ‘optical image stabilization’ feature.

In the software part, LG Optimus G2 will come up with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS along with LG’s UI. 3,000mAh battery is what is rumored to be part of this upcoming smartphone.

If the smartphone actually comes up with these rumored features, then it will surely become a big hit. The smartphone is most likely to get uncovered by LG at an event in New York on August 7, 2013. We’ll keep you posted about every single happening in this aspect. Stay tuned!

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