Huawei Ascend W3 Rumors

Since the announcement of Ascend W3 from the Chinese smart phone maker Huawei, several rumors about the phone are getting propagated in the tech forums, online communities and in different social network sites. Though company has not given any explanation to any of the rumors, people from all over the world are eagerly waiting for its release.

There are several images released and spreading widely claiming that they belonged to Ascend W3. Though there are several pictures circulating on the net, pictures with Huawei emblem on its back are the original ones. Our inside sources say that the phone is available in 2 colors i.e. the bright yellow and blue. The yellow case version is limited to native Chinese carriers and the blue version is available worldwide with GSM facility. The cases seem to be made of plastic to reduce the weight of the mobile.

Huawei Ascend W3

Though there are several rumors about the hardware configuration, the company didn’t declared anything and hoping to keep the suspense going till its official launch. Few predictions were made by technology experts that the phone will come in 4.5 inch display and equipped with 8 MP camera which is capable of shooting 1980*1080 resolution (1080p) videos. Some predicted even forward and saying that the phone will come in 132 x 67 x 10mm (L*B*H) package.  There are even rumors that this device will support multiple 4G LTE carrier.

The company’s positive signals towards windows OS are confirming the rumors about the windows mobile OS in its upcoming release Ascend 3. Coming with latest mobile windows OS, the phone will cost surely less than all the major phones that are available in the market to give a competition to android smart mobiles.

There are even rumors that along with Ascend 3, Huawei will release some other devices in CES 2014. Technology experts are expecting that CES 2014 will be a game changer expo regarding the mobiles and mobile manufactures are concerned.

Huawei Ascend W3 back colors

The camera similar to other mobiles placed at the top and the Huawei logo is just under it. The company is positive about windows OS and the features like lock screen wallpaper, live titles, pictures and apps etc. which are present in the Windows OS will surely attract the users in its initial stage. To keep the phone in the long run, the phone has to meet the expectations of users and the positive mouth talk will be a critical factor in deciding the future of this phone.

All these are rumors and the official launch of the device is pending and anybody can’t finalize anything. Though there are fewer expectations on this mobile in the general public, the company is confident about its success and it is sure that this mobile will improve its market share by a considerable margin. Huawei Ascend 3’s primary target is mid range segment.

Price & Release Date:

Although company has not revealed anything about its release date yet, it is expected that Huawei will reveal it in the CES 2014, which will happen in January 2014 in Las Vegas. No information about the pricing of the phone is available yet. We’ll update the post as soon as we get any new information about this phone. Stay connected!

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