HTC Smartphones Sales 2013 (Q1 & Q2)

In the current era, the release of new smartphones every new day has become regular thing. But, all the smartphones are not welcomed with that enthusiasm, with which some special ones are. For example, whenever there is release of new device from companies like Samsung, Apple, HTC , then the excitement lies at the peak. Talking about the HTC, this company has always been impressive with its smartphones. The HTC’s smartphones have always fulfilled the desires of its fans.

htc sales 2013

Although the HTC is quite popular in the smartphone market, but the popularity graph is far behind than what it was few quarters back. The company’s sales stats and profit data speak about the continuous ongoing downfall in company’s popularity. Do read out HTC Smartphones Sales 2013 (Q1 & Q2).

Q1 2013

HTC end the last year with continuous loss from one quarter to other. The loss chain continued and entered the year 2013, resulting in a weak first quarter for company. In fact, the first quarter of 2013 was the worst for HTC in terms of profit. Total smartphones’ sales figure was $1.45 billion (NT$42.8 billion). The company’s profit in this quarter was $2.88 million only. That was the weakest profit company had ever seen. A profit drop of 98 percent in just one year is more than enough to speak about the downfall in sales graph in such a short period.  In the first quarter of 2013, the operating margins fell to just 0.1%. The drop would have been less if there was no delay of HTC One, company’s flagship device of the year.

Q2 2013

The second quarter of this year was also not good for HTC. However, it was better than Q1 2013. Company seen 83 percent year-on-year drop in second-quarter earnings.

As per Taiwan-based company, Taoyuan, total revenue of HTC in the Q2 2013 was NT$70.7 billion ($2.4 billion). The net income after paying the tax was NT$1.25 billion (US$41.6 million). This rise in profit in going from Q1 to Q2 2013, happened because of launch of HTC One. This flagship device of company has been admired by all who have bought it. As of writing, this smartphone is the third most-selling smartphone in U.S. Recently, the sales count of HTC One touched the 5 million milestone.

Although the profit in Q2 2013 is more than what it was in the Q1 2013, but when we compare it to Q2 2012, then 83 percent drop clearly shows that how bad this year is going for HTC. Company is losing its customer base. As per the analysts, HTC’s smartphones are always good to catch one’s attention, but due to poor marketing, HTC is now struggling in the market. HTC seriously needs to work on the marketing part.

Future Predictions

HTC One is still doing well in the market. It will help company keep its profit graph going well, but if HTC wants to get its old days back, then it must have to bring more HTC One like smartphones in the market.

What do you think about HTC’s future smartphone sales? Will it be able to bring its golden days back?

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