HTC One Problems & Bugs

The HTC One is one of the best Smartphone in the market currently in terms of looks and features. But despite of being one of the best, it has got some problems too. In this article you will read about the problems in HTC One and its possible solution.

HTC One Problems Bugs

Problems associated with HTC One

  • Background noise: Lots of people are complaining about a buzzing sound in the background. This problem is most common through speakers and also can be heard by using headphones too. Some people say that it is giving a hissing noise while music is played on their phone. Some are reporting the popping song from the speakers. Hissing is also reported in voice calls. You may not be able to get rid of problem completely but is can be reduced by turning off the Beats Audio through gear icon in Notifications panel.

Possible solutions to this problem

-There might be a software update that will tackle this problem efficiently. But no such news had arrived from HTC officially.

-You can replace the handset through customer care centers because there are more people who are saying that there are no issues with their HTC One phone.

  • Rough Edges, Scratches, gaps or bulges: It can also be the reason that some HTC handsets are not shipped properly. There have been complaints regarding the gaps between plastic and metal of the phone, also with some scratches and bulges too. Also some of the edges are quite rough to touch. The shipping of these phones is done roughly.

Possible solution to this problem

It seems that this problem has only one solution. If you are unhappy with the handset, you can return it to the retailer from where you bought it.

  • Proximity sensors not working: Some of the people have also reported that the sensors of their HTC One are not working properly. Sometimes the capacitive buttons do not light up. You can test your sensor are working or not by a free android app called Android Sensor Box.

Possible solution to this problem

If it has hardware faults then you can return it to customer care and get a replacement.

  • Unresponsive home or back buttons: Some of the phone owners complained that the home or the back buttons are sometime too late to response or either is unresponsive. This might be the problem with the screen guard or it might be a software fault.

Possible solution to this problem

-Go to the Settings. Then Language and control and then to HTC Sense input > Advanced > Calibration Tool and now just use light touch to calibrate. Now Home and Back keys will become more responsive.

  • Dead or Stuck Pixels: There have been some more complaints like dead pixels which do not light up at all and some stuck pixels which stay permanently on, on the HTC One phone.

Possible solutions to this problem

-You can use the app called Dead Pixel Detect and Fix and if it helps, your problem will be solved.

-You can return the handset to customer care center and get a replacement.

There are few other HTC One problems and bugs reported by various users, which are discussed below.

Some HTC One owners are compalinig that the phone takes too much time to get fully charged. Reason could be the big battery(2300 mAh) of the phone. Usually smartphones takes around 2-3hours to get charged, but HTC One might take around 4 hours to get fully charged. However, if it’s taking more than that, make sure there are not lot of apps running in the background while phone is charging. It is also recommended that you use the original charger that come with the device to charge it. Another workaround to charge it faster is to decrease the brightness level of the phone to 0% while charging.

Few users are complaining that the battery of the phone drains out very quickly. Although, HTC claims that battery of the HTC One lasts for up to 500 h (2G)/ Up to 480 h (3g) in stand-by mode and gives talk time of Upto 27h (2G)/ Up to 18h (3g). However, many users are compalingin that battery does not lasts even for a day.

Theie is not much you can do to increase the battery life of a phone besides turning off things like WiFi, Auto Sync, mobile data and decreasing brighness level whenever possible. But these are not the solutions user want, because smartphone is meant to be used for all this stuff.

Another problem reported by users is that their HTC One keep freezing whenever they try to open a heavy app such as 3D games. The device becomes unresponsive and user has to reboot it. I think this problem is caused by buggy apps, you should avoid installing apps which does not come from the trusted developers or have low ratings.

These are the HTC One problems and known issues so far. If you have faced any problem or noticed a bug in your HTC One, do share with us in the comments below.


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