HTC One Mini Rumors & Leaked Pics

HTC One was rated as one of the most beautiful, and powerful Android gadgets of all time. It had everything a geek would dream of, enormous power bundled in an elegant body. But the down side was that this phone is out of budge for most of the people. If you’re one of those who need something as good as HTC One, but cannot afford the price, we have a good news for you guys. HTC has been working on a smaller version of the mobile phone, named HTC Mini a.k.a. HTC M4. The Internet was already full of rumors regarding the new device from HTC, but now they seem to be a bit confirmed after an Estonian site revealed a few pictures of HTC One kept along with a similar looking mobile which seems to be a mini version of the same.

htc one mini leaked pic

You can clearly see the difference between two: HTC One on the right and Mini on the left.

There has been no official announcement on this matter from HTC side, but experts claim that the phone will make its debut at the same time with Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. As per the rumors, the expected features of the gadget would be:

  • A slightly smaller 4.3 inch screen
  • 720 pixels display
  • Dual-core processor
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 4 MP UltraPixel camera just like the One
  • Android 4.2 with HTC Sense UI
  • Expected launch date in July

htc one mini m4 leak

We’re aware of the fact that Samsung will have its event on June 20th in UK, and HTC would plan their plan somewhere that time only. It must be noted here that HTC One, and Samsung Galaxy S4 were also announced at the same time. While Samsung took no time to start shipping its new device, HTC could only hit the market one month later. It would be pretty interesting to watch the scenario repeat once again. After the grand success of HTC One, as well as S IV, we think that customers will have great confusion once again to choose one of the flagship devices from these two. There is no information about the price of HTC One Mini at the moment, but it is expected to cost between $350 to $400.

HTC which was being lagged behind in the market share tried to make a strong come-back by introducing their monster last week, and the company has been pretty successful with that step. Besides the rumored HTC One Mini, the company has also lined up a number of smartphones for this year, one of them being the popular HTC T6. The mobile would have a 5.9 inch full HD display, and 2.3 GHz quad-core processor. This one would be launched at the end of the year, and is expected to come with Android 5.0, which has not been released yet. The company also has plans to introduce the entry level HTC Desire 200 to its Desire Series.

We would like to add here that whatever we mentioned above are just rumors, and cannot be confirmed till there is an official announcement from company side. We’ll keep you updated in this regard, whatever the case is. Do share your thoughts about the phone in the comments below.


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