HTC One Max Pros And Cons & Price

HTC One Max claims to be the best but needs to fix its shortfalls

2013 has witnessed the launch of many smartphones that were equipped with some of the most innovative features of technology, that made gadget users go crazy and gadget gurus originally known as tech critics do all praises over their features and technical specifications. One such brand that made a stand in the market with one of its best devices was HTC and the name is HTC ONE MAX, yes HTC once has some features that make it one of the strongest competitors for the topmost Smartphones of 2013.

Not to forget that there are many more battling it out for the topmost position, Samsung (Galaxy S4) and Apple (iPhone 5S) launched their own devices, similarly is with Sony (Xperia Z1) and Nokia (Lumia 1020) because all are trying hard to revive themselves and be the leader of the market. Well speaking of HTC One Max, we have it mentioned in this article, what HTC delivered in term of technology and specifications and the kinds of reviews it got.

HTC One Max pros and cons


  • The most noticeable aspect is the aluminium frame 5.9inches display which gives it a premium feeling.
  •  With a 5.9 inches screen the phones gives an awesome feel, with the video quality of 1920 x 1080 Full HD which would glue you to the screen and offers a 373 ppi resolution. Sharp in its performance.
  •  HTC introduced an ‘Ultra Megapixel’ camera which is unique to HTC phones, with dual click facility, It has 4 megapixel primary camera and 2.1 front camera.
  • HTC launched its Front-mounted stereo speakers with Boomsound Dual stereo speakers powered with in-built amplifiers that give you an awesome feel when it’s regarding beat sound.
  • It is power packed with a 1.7GHz quad-core processor with 2GB RAM and the storage memory of 32GB and 64GB.


  • The fingerprint scanner feature that was much hyped, function very sluggish implementation.
  • The camera does not have the feature of optical stabilization which is another loop hole.
  • The size of the Phablet phone which was supposed  to beat its rival turned out to be a problem because it makes it very difficult to operate with one hand. Even Fingerprint is located at the back of the phone and you have to swipe your finger over it to unlock the phone, which become little difficult because of its size. It should have been on the front, just like iPhone 5S.
  • A non removable battery which could be a pain, if the gadgets hangs or crashes, you would need to carry it to the service center because the user won’t be able to manual fix  it by removing and installing the battery again.
  • MAX gives its users poor video and audio codec support.
  •  Snapdragon 600 chipset does not match up to the hype HTC ONE MAX created.

Well these are some of the pros and cons HTC One MAX  has received since its launch, no doubts it is a marvelous smartphone with a price range very much equivalent to its competitors. But HTC needs to take care of those petty issues because even petty things become the major concern and hindrance to the sales of the product.

HTC One Max Price:

UK was the first to get HTC One Max. It is available in UK for £585 without contract at Unlocked Mobiles. Clove is also selling One Max for £590. It is also available on contract and will cost you £49 up front and £47/month on 24 month plan with Vodafone.

It is not yet Available in USA but expected to be coming soon. It will cost around $750 for SIM free version.

HTC One Max has also been launched in UAE where it costs Dh2,799 ($762).

We’ll update this post with price of HTC One Max in other countries. Join us on Facebook & Twitter for latest updates.


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