HTC Desire 600C

HTC released HTC Desire 600C phone with much expectations and the phone had poor response from mobile users. It is equipped with Snapdragon 200 processor and as of now smartphones equipped with Snapdragon 800 are also available in the same price range. The resolution of the phone (qHD 960 x 540 Pixels) is also quite low when compared with other phones, which are having 720p and 1080p resolution now days.

The positive features of the phones includes 8MP camera which is on the rear side of the mobile, Dual SIM, Android Jellybean OS, multitasking, NFC Support, 25 GB Free Drop-box Space for couple of Years(limited for some countries only) etc. This phone is developed based on the company’s famous smartphone i.e. HTC One and it looks similar to it. With 4.5-inch Super LCD 2 Capacitive Touch screen this phone offers UI (HTC BlinkFeed, HTC Sense) similar to that of HTC ONE.  With 1860mAh battery, it can last one to one and half day with moderate usage. The important feature of this phone is you can keep both the SIMs active. The sound quality of stereo speakers is nice. It not only helps you in enjoying the music but also during the calls, voices from the other side can be heard with clarity and without any disturbance.

htc desire 600c

There are so many things that are to be considered while buying this phone. The glossy plastic used in this phone looks cheap and easily prone to fingerprints, scratches and dust. With less pixel density, you must not expect much from its display but colors, viewing angles and brightness are pretty good.  The user interface of camera is similar to that of HTC ONE, which features an ultra pixel camera. The quality of the images is also below average and in low-light conditions, images are blurry and worse. The colors in images and video seem to be yellowish in nature. The multimedia applications in this phone can play MPEG, AVI and Xvid movies at 720p with ease, where as the playback of MKV files lags heavily and the phone doesn’t play DivX and MOV files. You will feel heavy lag while using this phone. The applications start slowly and during multitasking applications this phone lag increases heavily and it is better not to mention that you can’t play high end mobile games on this phone.

HTC Desire 600c Price

HTC Desire 600C is available in India and it will cost you about Rs. 28000/- ($450). To be frank, HTC overpriced this phone and it is equipped with low end hardware. There is nothing positive to say about this phone except its design which is similar to the company’s famous model, HTC ONE. There are several models available with same specifications at one fourth of its price which are manufactured by small or local companies. In this price range, you can get even better models from other reputed brands. So think twice before choosing this one. In fact, newly released Nexus 5 is a far better choice than 600C. Finally, if you are ready to compromise on several things for the sake of branded Dual SIM phone, you can think of HTC 600C once, otherwise just skip it.

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