How To Take Screenshot On Windows Phone

Microsoft’s Windows Phone based devices are in good demand in the market. The continuous efforts are working well for the company. The growth can be observed by checking out the sales stats of Windows Phone devices of passed two quarters. If you are also a proud owner of Windows Phone based device, then you must read out this article, as in it, I will teach you how to take screenshot on your Windows Phone.

While using your Windows Phone device, you must have come across many situations in which you needed to take screenshot of the device’s screen, right? So, it’s good to have knowledge of the process of taking screenshot on Windows Phone.

How to take screenshot on Windows Phone

Just like earlier versions of Android OS, there was no support for easy screen capture in the earlier versions of Windows Phone. In fact, the screenshot feature has been included in the Windows Phone 8 only. In case you own a device running Windows Phone 8, then taking screenshot is damn simple for you, just like the Lumia 1020. Don’t panic! Even if you have Windows Phone 7, you can take screenshot easily. No, there is not any official feature. But you can do so by using third party tools available in the app store.

Taking Screenshot on Windows Phone 7

Like I said, screenshot on Windows Phone 7 can be taken by using third-party tool. The name of that tool/app is Screen Capture. This app has been downloaded by millions of Windows Phone 7 users to do the task of taking screenshot. It’s the best solution for the task in hand. This app is developed by XDA Developers Forum member fiinix. You can download the Screen Capture app from here. The procedure to use the app is also provided on the download page.

There is another app called Screenshot Tool. This app lets you take screenshot on your Windows Phone 7 device when connected it with PC. You can download this app from here.

Taking Screenshot on Windows Phone 8

Screenshot feature is officially there in Windows Phone 8. If you have got Windows Phone 8 device, then you don’t need any third-party tool for taking screenshot. Things are easy for you.

In the Windows Phone 8 device, all you need to do is press the Power and Start buttons at the same time. Doing so will take the screenshot of whatever is currently on the screen. During the capturing, the screen of your device will flash and a usual photo-clicking sound will be there.

how to take screenshot on windows phone 8

The screenshots automatically get saved in the ‘Photos’ section, and in an album titled Screenshots. From there you can share screenshot with your friends in every possible way.

Of course, there are tools for taking screenshot available for Windows Phone 8 as well. But the official feature is so simple to use that you don’t need to waste time on any third-party tool. So, this is the procedure to take screenshot on Windows phone based smartphones. If you are having any problem in taking screenshot on your Windows phone, just post in the comments below.


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