How To Take Screenshot On HTC One

HTC One is the HTC’s flagship smartphone of the year. This is the smartphone which has helped company to maintain its reputation. If you have bought this smartphone, then I’m quite sure that you are having loads of fun with it, right? So, everything is going right and the only thing eating your head is- how to take screenshots on HTC One? This is the question that I have come across quite often on the web. Seems many people don’t know about how to do this. But no need to panic anymore, as this article will give a satisfactory answer to the aforementioned question or better say ‘confusion’. Do read out the simple ways to take screenshot on HTC One.

Universal Android Method

If you have been a user of any Android device in the past, then you are most likely to be aware from this method of taking screenshot. This is universal method that you can use on any Android device to take screenshot on it. All thanks to the user-caring nature of Android. The method is quite simple. All you need to do is to press the Power and Volume Down button, while on the intended screen. For example, if you want to take screenshot of any special moment of game, then when you are on it, simply press both Power and Volume Down buttons simultaneously. Keep them pressed for around 2 seconds. The screen will flash and you will hear a sound of picture clicking. The shot of the screen has been taken. You will get notified about it in the ‘Notification’ panel. This newly taken screenshot can be found by heading over to the default image folder of your HTC One.

Special Method (Meant for HTC Devices Only)

Don’t want to opt for what other Android users do? Or did not find the above one useful? Whatever is, since you are HTC One user, so you have another way to take screenshot. In this special method, all you need to do is to press the Power and Home button simultaneously, while on the intended screen. This special method has nothing strange, nothing tough in it. The only difference is the buttons you press, rest is same. Below is the image showing power and home button of the HTC One, I guess you already know where they are located.

how to screenshot htc one

Use Third-Party Screenshot Taking Apps

If you have read the article till this point, then chances are quite low that you are still looking for the method to take screenshot on HTC One. Your problem most likely has solved already. If not, then third-party screenshot taking apps can solve it for sure. The benefit in using third-party apps to take screenshot on HTC One is that you get many advanced features. What those advanced features are? Well, it depends on the app you use for this task. You can find many good third-party screenshot taking apps by heading over to Google Play. Yeah, there are many free apps as well. Download the one that you find best, and take screenshot on HTC One using that. Simple!

Still having a problem taking screenshot on HTC One? Do share with us in the comments below and we’ll try to help you in every possible way.


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