How to Install Apps On SD Card On Galaxy S4

Out of all Galaxy devices that Samsung has got for us, it’s not any doubtful fact that Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best. Whether we talk about software part, or about hardware part, there is not any Galaxy device, even not any other Android device that is near to Samsung Galaxy S4. Chances are quite high that you are one of those who have got impressed by this smartphone, and have bought it as well. If you own Samsung Galaxy S4, then could you please tell me what you don’t like in this esteemed smartphone? For me, it’s the internal storage capacity that I don’t like. I’m quite sure this is what most of you hate in Galaxy S4.

install apps on sd card of s4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has only 16GB storage capacity, and out of it, only 9.15GB is user available. This low storage capacity might have stopped you installing your favorite app. Never let this problem come in your way again. Start installing apps on SD card. Yeah, it’s actually possible, thanks to recent firmware update done by Samsung. The company rolled out the firmware update for its Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 model. Out of all features of the new firmware, the most attractive one is the support for App2Sd. This makes it possible to move the apps from internal storage to SD card of the device. Of course, all data associated with a particular app is not movable, but most part gets moved. By installing this firmware and then performing the ‘moving files’ task, you can save a huge space in internal memory of your S4.

Of course, apart from App2Sd support, there are many more features that this firmware brings in Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505. Oh! Forgot to mention that just by replacing stock firmware with the firmware I’m talking about, you can save 60MB space directly.

The firmware that I’m talking about is XXUBMEA Build. You can download it from this link.

Like I said, this is available for Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-i9505. For any other model of Galaxy S4, you can simply Google for the manual installation guide.

Moving Apps to SD Card

I hope your Galaxy S4 is now running the firmware whose link I just provided above. If it’s so, then just follow the below steps to move apps from internal storage to SD card of your Galaxy S4.

  • First of all, go to ‘Settings’ section of your device. There, tap on ‘More’. From the options that come up, just tap on the one that reads ‘Application Manager’.
  • Select any app that you wish to move from your internal storage to SD card.
  • After selecting the app, just tap on the option ‘Move to SD card’.
  • The space amount written in front of ‘SD card data’ will tell you how much space has been moved from your internal storage to SD card. Means, how much space of internal storage you have just freed up.

That’s it. Just repeat these steps to move the next app. Start freeing up the internal storage, right away!

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