How To Hard Reset Xperia Z

Sony Xperia Z is one of the finest devices that Sony has ever blessed its fans with. Both hardware and software part of this device are incredible. Talking about software, it does not matter how good the stuff is, the chances of bugs are always there. If you are not enjoying the software part of your Xperia Z in the way that you used to do when you bought this device, then hard reset is the option meant for you. By performing hard reset, you can restore your esteemed Xperia Z to the factory settings.

sony xperia z hard reset

Performing hard reset of Xperia Z is quite simple, and I will be teaching you about the same in this article ahead. But, before you dive into the tutorial to hard reset Sony Xperia Z, I would suggest you all to take the backup of important data first. Once you are done with it, just follow the below steps to hard reset Sony Xperia Z.

  • First of all, head over to the ‘Apps’ section from the homescreen of your Xperia Z device.
  • Many options on the screen will come up. You need to look for the option that reads “Backup & Reset”. Select it.
  • Now you need to select the option “Factory Data Reset”.
  • The next step is to select “Reset Phone“option now.
  • Everything is done almost. Just confirmation of hard reset is required, which is to be done by selecting “Erase Everything“.

Your Xperia Z will hard reset now. It will restart automatically. Simple method, isn’t it?

There is another method to hard reset Sony Xperia Z. That method is meant for all those of you who can’t access menu section of their Xperia Z because of the lock. Alternate method is meant for those also who did not like the above method due to one reason or the other.

  • First of all, you need to shut down your Xperia Z.
  • The device being switched off, press and hold Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. Keep these buttons pressed for a while and then press and hold the Power button.
  • Keeping these three pressed will bring a menu on the screen of your Xperia Z. Navigate to Recovery option with Volume Up and Down buttons. Select this option with Power button.
  • Soon you will see an Android logo on the screen. Press and hold the Volume Down and Volume Up buttons, which will result in appearance of recovery menu.
  • The recovery menu contains a few options in it. You need to find the one that reads Wipe data/Factory reset, Press Power button to select it.
  • Confirm the selection in the next step by selecting ‘ Yes’.
  • The hard resetting process will start. Your Xperia Z will restart automatically.

That’s all, done. You have successfully hard reset your esteemed Sony Xperia Z. Got any question? Do let us know about that via your precious comments in the comment box.


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