Google Nexus 5 Rumors


The Google and its manufacturing partner LG (Life’s Good) are working really very hard to develop Nexus 5 according to a report. It will be better and impressive than Google Nexus 4 and will deliver solid game changing Vanilla Android experience to users.

The reviewers have titled Google Nexus 5 as ‘Megalodon’ and this smart phone is going to be killer one. But the sad news is that nothing is officially announced about Google Nexus 5. The information is continued to leak out about the interesting features of Google Nexus 5.

Nexus 5 leaked photo

Google Nexus 5 Hardware

Google is always happy to offer the best hardware in the market. Nexus 5 is boasted to have best screen technology since ever in the smart phone world.

It will features Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad core processor (2.3 GHz). It will use Adreno 330 GPU providing 50 percent more performance than earlier Adreno 320 version. It will have 3 GB RAM as boasted. It will be available with 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB on board storage options.

It will have 16 mega pixels Omni Vision Camera. It is boasted that camera will be able to record 4K video at 30FPS or 1080 pixels video at 60FPS and will have front facing camera of 2.1 mega pixels. It will have a monstrous battery of 3300mAh and the Android operating system will be Key Lime Pie. The screen will be of 5 inches of 1080 pixel density.

Google Nexus 5 Software

The Google Nexus 5 will be running on latest Android version. The Android version might be Android 5.0 and will be dubbed as Key Lime Pie. Although Key Lime Pie has not been launched yet, but it is expected that Nexus 5 will be the first device to feature this new version of Android OS.

Google Nexus 5 Design

The leaked images of Google Nexus 5 suggest that the device is being built again by LG. The overall out face design of Google Nexus 5 is similar to Google Nexus 4 and have a 5 inch OLED screen. It might use a scratch less screen and break free protection on screen.

Google Nexus 5 Release Date

Currently the rumors coming from all sides of web and leaked sources suggests that the Google Nexus 5 will be released in October 2013. This is also the fact that Google had launched its last two devices in the month of October, so it is expected that it will launch Nexus 5 in the month of October.

Google Nexus 5 Price

The Nexus 4 model was around £280 in the market. So it is rumored that the price of Nexus 5 will start from £330 for 16 GB variant, £380 for 32 GB variant and £450 for 64 GB variant.

These were some expected features of Google Nexus 5 with prices and release dates according to the rumors. But the fact is that one can’t predict that when the Nexus 5 will make mark in market. We would like to hear your thoughts on this, do share your views about Nexus 5 and your feature wish list for the Nexus 5 in the comments below.



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