Google to Dig Snapchat’s “Discover”

In accordance with the latest news, we have learnt about the latest dig-up methods of google in creating a similar platform as similar to that of Snapchat’s build-up app. Google is talking to various publishers to develop a technology process that is akin to that of Snapchat’s “Discover“.

Google Stamp

Google is playing the main aim to create a visual-oriented media content for the Google readers. They are grouping in to present a better news platform for their user in a simple and efficient technology means.

news stories

‘Stamp’ is a wordplay on Google’s faster-loading “Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)” articles that would work similar to that of the news stories that appear at the top of the page after a Google search.

The AMP project is down to the constant collaboration with publishers, working early on upcoming features.

This invention is going to be a boon to the advertisers for the various attractive options available and due to the worldwide popularity of Google making ‘Stamp’ an enormous upcoming success. The technology could potentially be very attractive to advertisers and bring them in an immense popularity and viewers.

Through “Discover,” short bursts of media content are interspersed with advertisements similar to that of the Snapchat’s story processes enabling a greater viewability for the users.

Now the user can update their General Knowledge Skills along with their entertainment booster. When they open the app for its messaging features, they can get intact with advertising through sponsored “lenses” that superimpose animation over their images.

The Idea of innovation is a huge revenue giver for both ‘Snap and Google’. Report says that there were rumours Google was interested in buying Snapchat. Google is by far the dominant player when compared to Snap which also struggles with additional competition from Facebook. Facebook and Instagram have also mimicked the evanescent feature of Snapchat with a feature called “Stories.”

Let’s wait and watch the path of the wind that is to be swamped by Google’s ‘Stamp’.

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