Candy Crush Saga Tips

For all gaming freaks out of you, Candy Crush Saga is not a new name for sure, right? This puzzle game has got a huge fan base, which is increasing with ticking time. This game is highly addictive, and I’m quite sure that you are one of addicts of it. The earlier levels of this game are somewhat easy to cover, but difficulty lies at the top in higher levels. You may find it hard to cover those levels, and hence, may stop playing it. Don’t do it! Instead, use the below mentioned Candy Crush Saga tips and cheats for smooth gameplay.

candy crush saga cheats

Match Four or More Candies to Boost Score 

Don’t be a normal player and match only three candies. Be special, match four or more. Matching four candies will generate a new special candy. Match this special candy with two others of its color, so as to eliminate a complete row. Matching five will generate a special candy that will destroy entire board.

Start at Bottom

Perform the crushing candles process at the bottom first. The bottom-to-top pattern is good. By following it, you can crush more candies in less number of moves.

Know When to Quite

If you get stuck in any level, then the only option is to use power-ups. In case of not having power-ups with you, the alternate option is to buy them. But wait, first be clear if buying power-ups will solve problem or not? If not, then don’t waste your money. Know when to quit. Don’t be silly player.

Make A Plan

Don’t play madly. Play with planning. Just give a deep look to the pattern of candies in any particular level, and think about the hardest element of all. Think about the ways to remove it. Moreover, pause between moves. Think and apply.

Use Striped Candies Wisely

The striped candies are nothing less than boon. Make sure to use them wisely. Don’t waste them in hurry. Make perfect use of them. There are some levels which can be passed only if you make right use of striped candies. So, start learning their value, their use from the low levels.

Read the Tips the Game Gives You

We all have very bad habit of not paying look to the tips that we get during the game play. Don’t do this, at least, while playing Candy Crush Saga. If you stuck in any level, then on finding you inactive, the game will suggest you some tips. Don’t underestimate them! Read them and then implement them. They are puzzle solving, indeed!

Understand Jelly-Themed Levels

If you are struggling in clearing jelly-themed levels, then you seriously need to understand them. In such levels, Jelly blocks can’t be moved. Don’t waste your moves by thinking about them. Just think about the way by which you can move other candies, so as to remove the jelly block, and thus, to win the level.

Next time whenever you play this incredible game, don’t forget to implement these tips and cheats. Show your friends that there is no one better than you in Candy Crush Saga. If you know any tips or tricks of Candy Crush Saga, do share with others in the comments below.


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