Blackberry 10 OS OTA Update – Details, How to Update

The Blackberry 10 OS and the Z10 device were launched not too long ago, but there is an update already available, which is to fix the various bugs. Apart from the bug fixes, the camera and battery performance is said to have increased through the BB 10 OS OTA update.

Blackberry 10 OTA update

The new version for the Blackberry Z10 smartphone includes the following changes:

  • Improved app performance
  • Improved low-light imaging from the rear camera
  • Better battery life
  • Better handling of calendars, mails and contacts

More than a few improvements have been made with this update, and that even includes the better imaging in low light surroundings, and improvement in the way a browser handles the media playback.

Battery management is the main area where Blackberry has concentrated on, during this first ever update for the Blackberry 10 OS, and they have come up with around 60 improvements in just the battery section which would help provide a better battery life, and more usage per charging cycle.

How to update to Blackberry OS version:

To update to the latest version of the Blackberry 10 OS, you need to go to Settings > Software Update > Check for Updates and then you would see the latest version of the BB 10 OS available, and you would need to follow the further steps from there.

The update file is around 150 MB in size, and it isn’t just a simple bug fix update but has got a lot of changes and improvements, thus is a mandatory update which would do a lot of changes in the performance of the Blackberry Z10 device. The update also includes changes on how the call logs and conversations are displayed in the hub.

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