Best Battery Life Smartphones 2013

Though there are several mobile phones available in the market now a day’s, only few mobiles became hot choice for customers. This is due to the fact that apart from high-end specifications customers look for something more in their mobile phones. Battery life, Price, OS, Brand Name etc. are some of the factors which come under this category. In the above factors also, battery life plays a crucial and important role in finalizing the decision regarding their mobile. Let’s see the smartphones that are available in the market with best battery life for this year (2013) up to now.

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lg g2 battery

With 3000mAh battery and with efficient usage of the available power, LG G2 tops our list regarding the performance of the battery is considered. The battery lasted more than 10 hours with moderately heavy usage in our personal test. It has lasted for more than 30 min than the mobile which is next in line.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

With slightly more capacity 3100mAh, Note 2 finds second position in our list. It also lasted more than 10 hours with moderately heavy usage. Samsung unveiled Note 3 recently with 3200mAh battery. We have to test it yet for hands on review and also for genuine battery life. The company claims that it will last 20-25% more than Note 2.


HTC One which comes with 2,300mAh battery lasted more than 8 hours in our test which is considered as moderately heavy usage. The monthly plans as well as the price of the phone is very less when compared to others making it a hot choice among smart mobile phone users.

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD

Motorola Droid Razr MAXX HD just short by 10 minutes than HTC One.  Though it claims mammoth 3300 mAh Li-Ion battery it is at fourth position in our list. With awesome sound and high download speeds this battery lasts more than one expects.

LG Lucid 2

With approximately 8 hours battery life on moderately heavy usage LG’s Lucid 2 finds a place in our list. With its 2,460mAh lithium-ion battery you can use it along your day with moderate usage.

Our test includes watching videos, browsing web and videos, playing high end graphic games and we are connected to Wi-Fi though out our test. Though there are several other smart phones like Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z which are considered as best smart phones regarding features have equipped with less powered batteries and didn’t find a place in our list.

It always remained as an annoying thing for mobile users to charge their mobile frequently. Though companies boast of high battery life the real scenario will be quite different from what they say. Though this list is done after so much researching we are sure that within a month or two, the list will change due to new releases in the smartphone market. One thing for sure, unlike olden days companies are also trying their level best to improve the performance of battery and to utilize the power of battery effectively. In the near future we may see mobile phones with even high mAh (Capacity) in the smart phones.

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