Android Phones Sales 2013

It’s not any matter of debate that Google’s mobile OS ‘Android‘ has left every other mobile OS behind. We all know how rapidly the Android has progressed and it has become favorite smartphone OS of many. I’m pretty sure that most of you are die-hard fan of Android, just like me. The last year worked very well for Android, so is the current year. The first two quarters of this year were ruled by Android. If you want to know the Android phone sales stats in Q1 and Q2 of 2013, then just read out the next section.

Android Sales 2013

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Quarter 1 2013

The Android was progressing rapidly in the last quarter of 2012. Not only the big makers like Samsung, but the smaller ones like Huawaei were also bringing incredible smartphones in the market. So it was quite likely that the progress rate would increase in the year 2013. Yeah, the same happened. Android’s sales saw a boost in the first quarter. This gets clear from the data provided by Gartner. As per this research company, out of all smartphones that were sold in the Q1 2013, 75 percent were Android only. In the same quarter a year ago, this percentage was only 56.9. So the progress made by Android is quite clear to all.

The wreath of huge jump by Android was given to the companies like Samsung, LG by the tech analysts. By the way, these companies are major reason why Android is growing day by day. The closest competitor of Android in the first quarter was iOS.

Second Quarter 2013

Before the start of second quarter, the market experts claimed that Android would top the chart again. Well, the claim was welcomed by every geek and non-geek, as there was big difference between the first quarter’s sales figure of Android and its so-called closest competitor ‘iOS’. Moreover, it was clear that there would be no new iPhone in the second quarter, so Android’s lead was assured.

For the Second Quarter of 2013, we have got the research report from IDC. As per that report, the second quarter, like the last one, worked great for Google’s mobile OS. On the contrary, iOS faced a huge drop in the sales figure. The research data shows that Android’s share in the smartphone market in Q2 2013 was whopping 79 percent. In the same period a year ago, this figure was 69 percent. A good growth indeed! The growth observed in the no. of shipments of Android devices was 74 percent. With that growth, the shipments’ count touched the 187 million milestone. Apart from that, the tremendous growth helped Android top the US Smartphone platform with near around 52 percent of sales. Means the last quarter was – as expected- ruled by Android, not only globally, but in the most potential market, the US market, too.

Future Predictions

Many Android based incredible smartphones are in the pipeline. People have fallen in love with Android. It is most likely that Android will face the growth again. Chances of Apple’s coming back into action are also high as new iPhone is just about to be released. If we believe the rumors, Apple is going to launch cheaper iPhone 5C, so it could give a good competition to the Android. Let’s see what happens in the months to come. We’ll keep you updated on all the latest happenings. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook & Twitter.

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